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Калькулятор не є розрахунком вартості та терміну позики. Ознайомитись з умовами користування сервісами компанії можливо в особистому кабінеті.

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Оберіть потрібну кількість, а ми покажемо, наскільки зручно користуватися криптою
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BitCapital - First Loan in Crypto

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How to exchangeUSDT?

  • 1 Offline Currency Exchangers
  • 2 Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • 3 P2P Trade Platforms
Advantages of cryptocurrency, how to get it?
Get USDT without any extra effort and enjoy all the advantages of this cryptocurrency!
  • 1 Fast and convenient receipt.
    At BitCapital you can get USDT in a few clicks on your E-wallet.
    Immediately after that, you can use it at your own discretion
  • 2 The rate of income.
    Cryptocurrency transactions are carried out instantly, regardless of location or time of day
  • 3 Easy to convert.
    You can easily exchange USDT for any required currency for further use without any complications .
  • 4 Privacy.
    Cryptocurrency works/functions without the intervention of central authorities and is absolutely safe.
    This means you have complete control over your finances .
  • 5 Security.
    Your information regarding the use of the loan is not transferred to the UBCH, state management bodies and third-party structures.
    You can be sure of complete anonymity.
  • 6 Stability of USDT.
    USDT is linked to the US dollar in a ratio of almost 1:1, which makes it stable and reliable to save and use.
  • 7 Fast transactions and global availability.
    Using USDT, you can make instant transactions, pay for services, including the purchase of goods, investing and storage of assets without unnecessary delays or high fees.
    USDT is accessible to users from all over the world, regardless of their location.
  • 8 Inflation protection.
    nsofar as USDT USDT is linked to the US dollar it allows you to protect your financial assets from the effects of inflation.
  • 9 Flexibility and rate.
    Choosing USDT ensures stability, rate and reliability in your cryptocurrency experience allowing you to have more flexibility and control over your own finances.
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    Sales “-90% on the first loan -50% on the second + 5 USDT on BitCash”
    Extended on 28 days
    calendar 2024-06-30
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    Sales “Now 25 USDT per Friendly with Bit-Promo OP90!”
    Extended on 28 days
    calendar 2024-06-30
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    Sales “Again, we are giving away 100 USDT for loan processing!”
    The action is over
    calendar 2024-05-20
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