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Social engineering attacks: how to protect your cryptocurrency

calendar 11-06-2024

The developers of the Avast antivirus program stated in their review for the first quarter of 2024 that 90% of threats are social engineering attacks, as evidenced by the 90% incidence rate.

Moreover, such attacks are flourishing everywhere: from PCs to mobile devices and YouTube. In the world of cryptocurrencies, schemes based on social engineering are, of course, also abundant.

Social engineering is a method of manipulating people's thoughts and actions.

An example of an attack:

Suppose an attacker wants to gain access to private keys or seed phrases from wallets. He sends an email on behalf of Trust or MetaMask wallet support and asks the unsuspecting victim to send him the data under a convincing pretext. If the victim does so, the attacker will immediately gain access to the wallet.

How to protect yourself from such attacks?

✔️ Do not disclose your personal data in public.

✔️ Be sure to monitor for loss - today, user data often becomes available due to loss by various services.

On the other hand, a lot in the cryptocurrency world depends on the user, and this can be a good thing: if they keep their keys securely and do not try to neglect security out of convenience, they can act as a guarantor of their own security.

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