Maindivider Newsdivider The secret of Dogecoin's rapid growth has been revealed

The secret of Dogecoin's rapid growth has been revealed

calendar 01-04-2024

According to new data, Dogecoin has surged in the cryptocurrency market, surpassing Cardano and securing the 8th position on CoinMarketCap.

"Sleeping whales" have made a significant contribution to this rise, circulating DOGE. In the last 24 hours alone, shorts worth $5.5 million have been liquidated, and 88% of Dogecoin owners are in profit.

This has led to an unusual price surge, but without the typical fear of missing out (FOMO), indicating the potential for further growth. Graphs show that whales have been consistently increasing their holdings since March 15, and last week they bought DOGE worth $280 million. Despite this, Dogecoin managed to close the month above $0.22, indicating possible further growth.

Technical analysis also points to a potential parabolic rise in the near future.

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