Maindivider Newsdivider СryptoSlam: NFT sales down 54%

СryptoSlam: NFT sales down 54%

calendar 03-06-2024

NFT trades in the Bitcoin system in May amounted to $185 million, which is 71% lower than in April 2024.

The fourth place was taken by L2-solution Blast, where NFT sales amounted to $55 million. Since NFT trading was launched recently, growth was recorded in May. The Immutable network also showed good results, increasing the volume of token trading by more than 23% to $31 million.

According to СryptoSlam, the number of NFT buyers and sellers for the month decreased slightly - by 6% and 7%, respectively.

This may be partly due to the fact that the NFT market is very dynamic and subject to fluctuations. Perhaps this is a temporary phenomenon, and the demand will increase again in the future, especially if new interesting projects and collections appear.

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