Maindivider Salesdivider -90% on the first loan -50% on the second + 5 USDT on BitCash

Sales -90% on the first loan -50% on the second + 5 USDT on BitCash

Extended on 28 days
calendar 2024-06-30

So! You didn't hear, new promotions from BitCapital are rushing to you!

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Earn up to 5 USDT from each loan repayment! You know how to surprise and make a profit 😎

Take advantage of this fantastic offer valid from 04.06.2024 to 30.06.2024 inclusive 💵

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Еквівалент у гривні:


100 USDT

1000 USDT

Loan term:

minus plus

5 days

120 days


250 USDT

Amount due:

300 USDT



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