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calendar 2024-05-01
On your marks... Attention... Crypto-memology initiated!

Oh, we know we have many creative clients who love memes on various topics. Do you have a passion for creating crypto memes in your arsenal?

Press the button and ignite your creativity! Because starting today, you can get 300 USDT for a meme! Yes, share the promotion link with your creative friends.

The conditions are as follows: Create a crypto meme about BitCapital, post it in your story with a tag of our Instagram account @Bitcapital_ua, and save it in your highlights (this is so that in 24 hours when the meme disappears, we can check it on the day of the draw).

You can also simply post the meme in a publication on your account with the tag @Bitcapital_ua.

Account requirements: At least 100 followers and publications that were posted no earlier than 3 months before the participation in the promotion.

Winner selection: On 02.05, we will post your memes in stories for voting among our subscribers. The owner whose crypto meme receives the most votes will receive 300 USDT to their crypto wallet.

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